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Can Blades for DeWalt Planer Be Sharpened: Unlocking Extended Lifespan

Woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike often grapple with the question of whether the Dw735 blades can be sharpened. In this article, we delve into the topic and provide insights into the sharpening possibilities for DeWalt planer blades, shedding light on how you can extend their lifespan and maximize their performance.

Sharpening DeWalt Planer Blades: The Possibilities

DeWalt planer blades are essential components of these powerful woodworking tools. Over time, with regular use, the cutting edges of the blades can become dull, affecting the quality of the planed surface. While DeWalt offers disposable blades that are convenient to replace, many woodworkers wonder if there is an alternative to prolonging the lifespan of their planer blades through sharpening.

  • HSS Blades: DeWalt planers often come with High-Speed Steel (HSS) blades. HSS blades are known for their durability and affordability. When these blades become dull, they can be sharpened to restore their cutting performance. Sharpening HSS blades involves removing a small amount of material to reveal a fresh cutting edge. This process can be accomplished using various sharpening methods, such as bench grinders, honing stones, or specialized sharpening jigs.
  • Carbide Blades: Some DeWalt planer models feature carbide blades, which are renowned for their exceptional hardness and longevity. Carbide blades are incredibly durable and can withstand the rigors of demanding planing tasks. Unlike HSS blades, carbide blades do not require frequent sharpening. However, when the cutting edges become dull or damaged, carbide blades can be re-sharpened. This process typically involves sending the blades to a professional sharpening service or using specialized carbide sharpening equipment.
  • Re-Sharpening Considerations: While sharpening can extend the lifespan of DeWalt planer blades, it is important to consider a few factors:
    • Skill and Expertise: Sharpening planer blades requires a certain level of skill and expertise. If you are not confident in your sharpening abilities, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Professional sharpening services have the necessary equipment and expertise to sharpen planer blades effectively.
    • Blade Maintenance: Regular maintenance and care can help prolong the life of your planer blades. Keeping the blades clean, free from pitch and debris, and properly adjusted can minimize the need for frequent sharpening.
    • Blade Replacement: Eventually, even with sharpening, planer blades will wear down and become ineffective. It is important to monitor the condition of the blades and replace them when necessary. Disposable blades are readily available from DeWalt and other suppliers, ensuring you always have sharp blades on hand.
    • Manufacturer Recommendations: Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations regarding sharpening options for your specific DeWalt planer model. Manufacturers often provide detailed instructions on sharpening techniques or may offer specific sharpening services.

In conclusion, the blades for DeWalt planers can indeed be sharpened, providing woodworkers with the opportunity to extend their lifespan and maintain optimal cutting performance. Whether you have HSS or carbide blades, sharpening methods and options are available to restore the cutting edges to their original sharpness.

Consider your skill level, the maintenance routine for your planer blades, and the manufacturer's recommendations to determine the most suitable sharpening approach. If in doubt, consult professional sharpening services to ensure accurate and effective sharpening results.

By sharpening your DeWalt planer blades when needed and combining it with regular maintenance, you can unlock an extended lifespan for your blades, resulting in cost savings and consistently high-quality planing results. Embrace the sharpening process, unleash the potential of your planer blades, and take your woodworking projects to new heights of precision and excellence.

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